Commission: Terms and Conditions 


» General

· By ordering a project and paying the invoice to any Moonwalk Elephant artist, the buyer agrees that they have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of service.

· Before starting the project, the designated artist will make a verbal/textual contract with the client. This contract will include the timeline in which the project will be done, delivery date, price and features.

· By ordering a commission the buyer declares that he/she is of legal age.

· Moonwalk Elephant has the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time and for any circumstances. The modifications will not be applied retroactively and will not influence orders initiated under the previous terms.

· Each price is adapted to an individual requirement depending on the nature and complexity of the artwork. 



» Creation process, revisions and deadlines 

· Approximate start dates will be communicated to the seller before starting the proyect.

· If the buyer takes more than 24 hours to accept the bill / deadline time, the approximate time described above may be altered.

· Deadline, if buyer desired, has to be communicated and agreed on before initial quote. It may also affect the price and, in case of scheduling problems, the    artist may refuse to accept it.

· The work will be done on working days. The artist is not obligated to respond to the buyer or work for the buyer on holidays and weekends.

· The commission description should contain visual references and a little brief description.

· Three revisions are stipulated in the bill and can be used during the sketching phase. Once this phase is finished no revision can be claimed unless the buyer stipulates it before in the contract. This may affect the final price.

· If the buyer want a revisions once the order is completed, the artist may charge an additional supplement for these changes or refuse to make them.

· In case the buyer delays in responding when the artist requires acceptance to complete a phase of the process, the final delivery time may be delayed.

· In case the buyer delays more than 5 working days in responding to the artist’s request, the commission may be rejected. The money will be returned in proportion to the work done.

· The artist is not forced to create a second commission if the client is not satisfied with the first one.

· Any additional work outside the contract stipulated prior to the start of the project may be rejected or accepted with charges.

· If the project involves multiple people, all communication with the artist should be handled by a single representative privately chosen by that group.

· The client will have the right for the artist to send him a digital file in high resolution with the order once the project is finished and paid 100%.

· The digital file will be stored for 3 months on an online server. After that time, the artist is not responsible if the buyer has not saved her work before the deadline.

» Payments and refunds

· Commissions must be paid 100% upfront, except payment plans.

· The payment currency is EURO.

· All payments will be through Paypal or bank transfer. Details will be discussed when the bill is approved.

· Checks, exchanges or money sent by mail are not accepted.

· The artist can refuse the project if there are discrepancies or problems with the client. The money will be returned in proportion to the work done.

· If a payment plan is requested, the terms will be agreed between the artist and the buyer before starting the work.

· The payment will be held 24 hours in the artist’s deposit. The client can cancel the order during those 24 hours without consequences. Once this period ends, it will not be possible to refund.

· The client may not ask for a return on a finished piece.

· If the artist is unable to complete the project due to illness or accident, the full amount will be refunded to the buyer.

» Copyright

· Commercial use is not allowed. All illustrations have copyright.

· The client is allow to purchase the commercial license of the project. Details and prices will vary depending on the order.

· The work will be signed by the artist. This signature cannot be removed under any circumstances without the express permission of the artist.

· The buyer may not copy, trace, change the color, alter or sell the work and / or reproductions in any way without the express permission of the artist.

· The buyer may share the project and must always be accredited. To credit the artist, here is a list of platforms where Moonwalk Elephant has a presence.

· The artist reserves the right to share, modify or use the work at his convenience. If it is a private commission and the client considers that it should not be shared, they should discuss it with the artist before starting the project.

· The artist does not own the rights to the characters or other intellectual properties that are used in the process.